Kentucky Fried Cruelty
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KFCCruelty Billboard 1
KFC Cruelty Billboard (PDF)

KFCCruelty Billboard 2
KFC Cruelty Billboard (PDF)

KFCCruelty Billboard in Spanish
Spanish KFC Cruelty Billboard (PDF)

Pamela Anderson Billboard
Pamela Anderson Billboard (PDF)

Dick Gregory Billboard
Dick Gregory Billboard (PDF)

Richard Pryor Billboard
Richard Pryor Billboard (PDF)

Print Ads

KFC Cruelty Ad
KFC Cruelty (PDF)
Celebrities Ad
Celebrities (PDF)
Pamela Anderson Ad
Pamela Anderson (PDF)
Bea Arthur Ad
Bea Arthur (PDF)
Dick Gregory Ad
Dick Gregory (PDF)
Lady Bunny Ad
Lady Bunny (PDF)
Richard Pryor Ad
Richard Pryor (PDF)
Sir Paul McCartney Ad
Sir Paul McCartney (PDF)

Play Super Chick Sisters Kentucky Fried Cruelty: The Movie
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