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Exposed by Undercover Investigation: KFC Torturing Chickens in Germany

Germany Investigation PhotosA recent undercover investigation into Stolle, a KFC supplier in Saterland, revealed hideous neglect and abuse of chickens—the same standard, routine cruelty that has surfaced during investigations into other KFC suppliers around the world and the same horrors that PETA has been working to end for several years.

Investigators found 38,000 chickens in a crowded barn, forced to spend their entire lives in their own excrement and waste. To counteract the filth and disease that run rampant in such conditions, chickens at Stolle are pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs—Baytril, Ampicillin, and Neomycin are used in doses as large as 583 milligrams per liter of drinking water. These drugs, combined with genetic manipulation through generations of forced breeding, cause the birds to grow so obese so quickly that many become crippled. The animals in these photos and video are only 19 days old, but they are clearly too heavy for their own bone structure. Many birds suffer when their legs collapse beneath them, shattering because of their massive breast weight. Thousands live their entire lives with these painful injuries.

You Can Help!

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